Form and Content

For Chamber Orchestra and soloist

Performed by Wilfrido Terrazas and the OCENS

Slack Tide

For Ensemble

Performed by AKOM Ensemble


For Flute,Clarinet, Percussion and Piano

Performed by Doelen Ensemble

An Object in Time I

For a group of Bass Clarinets

Ways to Walk Into a Mirror

For  Electric Guitar

Performed by Josué W. Amador

Underwater Life Forms

For 9 improvising musicians

That Which Shines in Aurora´s Dream

For Ensamble 

Performed by the ASKO/Shoenberg Ensemble

Conductor: Bas Wiegers

La Mujer Dormida

For ensemble

Performed by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

Works for one instrument




  Works for small ensembles




  Works for  large ensembles