Josué Amador

Composer, researcher, and educator based in Rotterdam, NL and focused on expanding the notion of music composition practice beyond the performing arts and exploring its possibilities within transdisciplinary collaborations.


In his artistic works, he investigates alternative approaches to music composition and performance practices involving different forms of improvisation and the use of the public space.


As part of his practice, he collaborates with artists and researchers from different disciplines and is actively involved in the creation of autonomous platforms for education and artistic production.



Underwater Life Forms

That Which Shines in Aurora´s Dream

Music Box

La Mujer Dormida


Forty minutes with seconds of a drone epic that will perhaps rip your berets definitively permanent!  An example of music that can absolutely not be described in dead words, you just have to listen to it . Spontaneous Music Tribune

It is fascinating to hear how a long and in a way complex work is created from a minimal starting point. Opduvel