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FIN Ensemble (Free Improvised Noise) . Contemporary music ensemble based in Rotterdam,NL. It is focused on experimental music by developing improvisation processes.


T-P.A.K. explores contemporay improvisation bye combining different theoretical approaches and aesthetics, from traditional Turkish music to Free Jazz , and the harmonic concepts of Olivier Messian.

The ensemble is based in Rotterdam, NL


Michalis Kouloumis - Violin

Alexandros Papadimitrakis - Oud

Josué W. Amador - Electric Guitar

Willem Tanke - Piano




SEE (Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble )


Ensemble of the Sonology Institute of Den Haag, NL. Conducted by Richard Barrett



Guitar solo project foucused on the creation of contemporary repertoire for solo Electric Guitar. Exploring the use of Improvisation, Electronics and Extrended Techniques.